RESTHEVER summer tour 2019

The RESTHEVER summer tour 2019 will be organised in AQUITAINE from the 16th to the 26th of July, and on the 1st of August in the department of the GERS. 


The play, LES ROSTAND, staged by Philippe Bulinge, will be played on the following dates and places:


3rd and 4th of July: Festival de la Grange, Angaïs (64)

16th of July: Les jardins du Chaigne Touzac/Bellvigne (16)

17of July: Villandraut (33)

18th of July: Villeneuve de Marsan (40)

19th of July: Cambo les bains (Arnaga ) (64)

20th ou 22nd of July: Pau (64)

21st of July: Serres (11)

23rd of July: Les jardins de Viven (64)

24th of July: Tonneins (47)

25th of July: Le domaine de Sardy, Vélines (24)

26th of July: Le Poudrier, Limoges (87)

13th of August: Auch (32)


 For more information, please have a look on the Cie Intersignes website!

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