The Green Open Air Theatres

Throughout 2011, the network has worked with two students from the Ecole Superieure d'Architecture de Versailles, Maryline Mallart and Marie-Caroline Thuillier, in order to establish an inventory of green open air theatres in France.


Until then no census of these elements of landscape and cultural heritage had been undertaken. No public source, nor any database included reporting or referencing on this specific item and there was no historical study or publication on this topic.  


Up to now this inventory has already identified 63 outstanding green open air theatres that you can discover in our inventory sheet. If you would like to order one, don't hesitate to send us an email:


You can also discover many of them in our book of art, "Théâtres de Verdure", published in 2015 by the publisher Gourcuff-Gradenigo.


This work has contributed to develop "la base Mérimée" (the French heritage database created by the Ministry of Culture and Communication).


The research of new theatres is constantly in progress in France and abroad, as new projects are today undertaken by architects and landscape specialists. 


You can yourself make your contribution if you know sites that have not yet been identified!